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About us

Welcome to I Got Kicks. This is not the usual shoe website, here you will find monthly updates on shoes and culture. We are a company based out of Fort Worth, Tx and our entire staff are sneaker heads. We pride ourselves on bringing you authentic shoes and we love supplying the less fortunate with great finds. The shoes that we get do come from about eight different factories and the shoes don't pass through any American check points they do have three points. Two points happen at our respected factories and the last point happens at our offices. It takes 7-10 business days for you to receive your shoe not counting Thursday, Friday, Saturday and of course Sunday. We process orders one business day after you order your shoes (ex. If you order on Tuesday we process Wednesday. If you order Saturday we process Monday.) We have started a new joint venture with purely legit American businesses and we want to give all of our customers top quality. On this website we want to supply all of your shoe needs and if you have any suggestions or looking for something that's not here on the site please contact us through email. We look forward to doing business with you. So go ahead and order and tell all your friends I Got Kicks.



Return Policy

With all returns we always respect our customers. If you receive a shoe and you are unhappy with the quality we can give you site credit and even send you out a new shoe once the shoe you are unhappy with is sent back to our offices. There will be no cash refunds at this time unless you have not received the shoe yet because of a factory issue that happens before our office receives the shoe in which you will find out about in an email from the I Got Kicks Staff.


With Christmas being around the corner please note that if a shoe is ordered the week of December 11th there is a chance that your shoes will not make it to you until after Christmas because of high traffic in shipping. 

God Bless,

Marcus Brookins - Owner